To Do at Night

Do you answer to sleep for this.

Then you are not living a peaceful life.

Before initiating your sleep on your bed, you need to share the day’s experience with the partner sharing your bed.

Your bed or the place you prefer to sleep is the best place to do this.

Private sharing of the passed hours of the day by a couple will relax their mind from all the worries to end the day peacefully.

This will also help to start the next day with positivity, since all the negativity of the passed hours have been neutralized by the last night talk.

Try to have privacy while sleeping in a joint family.

For Singles, try to find your sharing partner, who need not to be your spouse at home.

The sharing should not be time bound.

During the sharing moment, just listen to your partner.

Don’t interfere inbetween the talk.

I have just told you to share your emotions and not to advice or suggest your opinions.

It may create a controversy and it may also get converted into a debate.

Just do your listening job.

Simply by sharing our emotions will make our heart to feel lighter.

The feel of someone there to care for us is the cure for all kind of pains and depressions.

We are the best psychotherapist for our lovable partner of life.

Listen deeply, Expose your Care honestly, Hug with Love, Pat the Shoulders, Rub over the skin, and make your partner to feel better to have a deep sleep without any trash in mind.

Have a peacefully sleep at night with your love.


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