Terms and Conditions are always available in all sorts of work.

No other way to escape.

It has to be accepted without any negotiations.

All the works we do, are imposed with certain limitations and restrictions.

Limitations may arise only for those works, which we are not familiar with and also they are assigned by ourself based on the nature of work.

By gaining the experience over the work, we shall break the limitations by using alternative procedures or additional resources.

But the restrictions are always a burden to an initiative and also to prolong it.

The external agents, who are always keen on watching our activities, are readily available with well planned restrictions to impose it either directly or indirectly.

Mostly those restrictions are not imposed directly.

They prefer to impose on our supporters to indirectly apply the impact in our work.

The supporters are the highly affected persons due to those restrictors.

Silent workers are always found hidden and not identified by those restrictors.

But the silent working in the background without any hindrance is possible only with the help of the supporters.

They cover our activities from those restrictors tactically.

Discuss with the supporters periodically to work peacefully without any external disturbances.

We should support them in helping us to do our work effectively.

Work in your own way and support the supporters.


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