Year End

Financial services have year end on 31st of March every year.

Educators and Learners have year end on 31st of May every year (in general,except 2020).

Calenders have year end on 31st of December every year.

But for every human, there is a year end in common for all but in different days of a year.

Yes, it is based on their birthday.

Hoping that they are going to start a fresh year filled with full of joy and happiness on their birthday.

Having hope in a positive way is the good attitude to treat a birthday every year.

The success, failures, positives, negatives, enjoyments, sorrows, etc.. are tends to be forgotten on its previous day of the year.

We know that upcoming days may be filled with negative impacts in our life.

We think about those negatives only on the last day of the year.

But on birthday, we think only the positives, forgetting the negatives of previous year.

The same way, I too treat the birthday every year.

Today, its my year end, faced lots of positives and negatives too.

Now, I’m ready to welcome a fresh year of mine in a positive way.


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