Stress Reliever

During the times of depression, we are fond of searching for a stress reliever.

If the reliever is chosen perfectly, we would get complete relief from the stress.

But a wrong path might spoil not only your mind but also your life.

Most of the people prefer to addiction over alcoholic drinks or any other source causing similar effect of insobriety.

But the fact is, they are not the stress relievers.

They are the stress developers, whose cover is showing that they are the stress relievers.

Instead of preferring such practices, it is wise to choose a practice which really break down our stress completely.

Diversion towards social media, office works, social activities, street talks with friends etc.. may help, but they won’t be the right choice in all the cases.

The best stress relievers are the children.

It is difficult to develop friendship with the children.

Because, we ourself think it as a foolishness due to the age factor and they also need time to explore our genuiness.

Once they get belief on us and our approach, their innocence start to fight with our depressions.

They will take us to their age level to play, speak, dance, talk and spend time without any hesitations.

By that time, the giants won’t get into our eyes, only the children are visible to us.

Sometimes, their activities and questions may support us as a solution finder to most of our problems.

Try to develop friendship with your own children or the neighbouring children and get rid of the pain in your heart as well as your mind.


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