Books are the very interesting and very good companion for all who need to divert their attention towards some peaceful phase of life.

Not only reading, but also writing books shall also help for the diversion.

The only thing is the strain should not go to the eyes.

Some may get slight disturbance to their eyes, if the book’s quality of presentation is not pleasant to view.

The successful content delivery is not only based on the words we use, the way we narrate, the quality of the content etc..

It also should be based on the pleasant presentation.

Let everything goes apart, atleast try to adopt the following practice.

The reader should get satisfied that the content of the book is understood without any difficulties and also loves to wait eagerly to read the next preparation of the writer.

Still not clear?

Do you need an example?

Its simple.

The writing should not be like the content you came across now.

I still practice myself to deliver a good content.

Hope I will make it soon.

This content is the mind voice of mine narrated to me by myself.


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