I felt better today when I woke up at 6.30 in the morning, after a struggle with stomach pain and dysentery for two days.

Time went for few hours, I got my troubles back.

This time, a little tougher one.

So I decided to consult a doctor.

I made a call to the friend of mine to whom I usually prefer to call for medical emergencies and enquired about the availability of doctors during this complete lockdown.

After a discussion with him, I started to the hospital.

On my way, lot of police friends obstructed my vehicle from moving further.

I think, they are good in face and mind reading.

They allowed me to go, while they enquire others for the reason for their movement.

When I reached an ATM centre to get cash for my treatment, I found the UPS battery power is low.

When I was nearing to receive cash from the machine, unfortunately the machine lost its power supply.

I got the cash from the next ATM centre nearby and saw the cash debit message received twice.

Hoping that I may get my money lost in the first ATM centre back in my account.

I reached the hospital and I was welcomed with an enquiry about the nature of illness.

I got consultation with the doctor and he prescribed few medicines, injections and IV fluids.

This is the first time I aware that I am getting IV fluids.

I’m moving back to home with the hope of recovery.

Expecting lockdown for my illness soon.


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