If a person have been blamed for a mistake, he gets irritated and try to accuse back the person who blamed.

They won’t listen to the content, they just think that they had been blamed for a happening which had been considered as a mistake.

Due to the irritated mind, the person was in a position to expose the emotions developed in the mind over the person nearby.

It may or may not be a mistake.

But they think that they have been told wrong.

It is very tedious to decide, how to behave with such persons?.

The attitude of a person can’t be changed easily.

Need lot of patience to deviate the practice which was followed for a long time to a different path which is treated as a right thing by the society.

It is very tough, but it can be done.

It is common for you, me and anyone, who can be considered as a human.

Practice with Patience.

Not only this, but everything.


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