Marriage and relationship

On a fine day, I came across a post asking about six very important things to be considered regarding the marriage of a girl under 27.

I have responded in the comment box with the views of mine to that post.

I’m sharing the same in this blog post.

1.Marriage should occur at an age when you completely feel its need in your life. It can’t be decided with the numbers. Of course, the parents will always think about early marriage (for the arranged one) because of the tradition, they were been taught by their ancestors. Go with your parents, let them decide and plan your marriage, but it should occur when you feel it to happen for you. Don’t make much delay to feel its necessity.

2. The reputation which we get through education is just to get a good income. Money is just to support your basic needs and to support unavoidable future expenses. The money you earn should be spent for your need and also on your wish occasionally, but don’t avoid the plan of saving the most of your income for your and your family’s future. Don’t offer to get you as a money lending machine to any fools. Try to find a good guy, who may be wealthy or underprivileged.

3. Regarding the size, let me tell you that when I got married I was 95kgs and my wife is 58kgs. I was got accepted only by the trust she had in my love and care and my physic was not found to be a scalable factor to influx the bonding in life. But after our wedding, she was very much caring towards my health and reduced me to 85 now. Physic is not important for marriage if your partner is in search of a life companion and not for a receptionist or a maid for his house. But be cautious when it comes to a health factor. Nowadays women are highly getting influenced by hormone issues due to lifestyle change.

4. Appearance – You are good enough to have a pleasant appearance.

5. Talking about your friends, try to extend your care towards them even after marriage and also allow your partner too to join with his friends on his will. Don’t be more possessive with your guy at that time.

6. Relationship- I too had a wish to have a girl in a good relationship with me as a very close friend when I was nearly 20. But I can’t get one at an apt moment. Now it’s too late to get one for me. Even though it did not happen in my life, I got convinced myself to move on with the existence. I suggest finding one (a guy or a girl) very true to your trust and expecting only friendship, care, love and affection from you. That relationship will help you to overcome your distress that may occur in your life with your husband. You need a person other than your life partner to share your mental illness and also to get it healed in a better way. Most of the things can’t be discussed with your parents or your friends. You can share with the one who is very close to your personnel feelings. That person shall be your husband in most of the cases, but in few extreme situations, you need a true, trustworthy and very close friend to support you to cure your mental illness.


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