No retirement

There is no retirement for an individual in the entire life span.

One get relieved from a work and gets deputed or transferred for another work in the same or another department.

It’s becoming too official.

Let me simplify it.

After getting retired from a money-earning career, every individual is supposed to take the responsibility of growing their grandchildren and great-grandchildren if lucky.

So till the end of our life span, there is no retirement for us.

We are just got relieved from a work and got deputed to take the charge of some other work.

So we are going to do some work till the end.

There is no rest and no retirement till the last breath.

We are not a machine too.

We should do all the works assigned passionately and stand purely dedicated to it.

It will be found tough to do so.

I too feel the same.

Better try to overcome the laziness and kick start your mood to active mode.

Love to commit to some work.


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